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Hello everyone, thanks for visiting our church website. As you browse, I would like to share a thought with you.

In our world, “staying connected” has perhaps never been easier. TV, Internet, Smart Phones, iPods, Laptops, iPads, Webcams…and the list goes on. Amazingly, though, amidst all of this “connection” we continue to see more and more loneliness and isolation. The question is, “Who and what are we connected to?”

Jesus in John 15:1-7 speaks of vines and branches to His disciples as He is preparing to leave them. He makes it clear that connection of branches to the vine is necessary for survival, fruitfulness and continued existence. He indicates that He is the vine and we are the branches. If we are connected to Him, survival, fruitfulness and continued existence take place. But if we are not connected to Him, we wither and die.

Friends, in this world of loneliness, pain, suffering and anxiety Christ is the connection we all desperately need. And so, I encourage you to seek Jesus. He is available through prayer and reading of the Holy Scriptures. In scripture, we read of Christ’s death and resurrection which connects us to God and it connects us to each other. The cross may be viewed as a symbol of that connection – the vertical beam of the cross may be seen as representing our restored connection to the Father through Jesus’ death and the horizontal beam may be viewed as representing our restored connection to each other. May your connection cause you to love God and love your fellow human beings. Let’s get connected to Jesus for in him there is life. Jesus is the answer. He brings hope to the hopeless and wholeness to our brokenness.


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