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Pastor Kevin Donaldson was born on the island of Jamaica. He embraced the Seventh-day Sabbath in 1982. On October 4, 1997 he accepted the Advent message and became a baptized member of the Maranatha Seventh-day Adventist Church in Brooklyn New York. After joining the church he was asked to teach an adult Sabbath School class only to be amazed at the positive impact that his ministry was having on the members. A few months later he was asked to speak for the divine hour and was even more amazed at the positive outcome of that ministry.

He continued teaching while taking advantage of every preaching opportunity until he slowly began to realize that he was being led into those specific areas of ministry. During that time and the years that followed, he got deeply involved in the preaching of the gospel both on an evangelistic and pastoral level. After about two years of struggling with the direction in which the Lord was leading him, he became convinced that God was calling him to be a minister of the gospel.

Having accepted the call, he immediately set about the task of further equipping himself spiritually and academically by enrolling at Atlantic Union College in the year 2000. After graduating with Bachelor’s Degrees in Theology and Religion he was asked to serve as the Assisting Pastor at the very same church he began his Christian journey which he did until 2011 when he migrated to Canada.

Upon arriving in Canada he continued preaching and conducting numerous Evangelistic series (9) to be exact in a three year time period which resulted in over one hundred individuals being baptized. In February 2015 Pastor Donaldson was assigned by the Ontario Conference of Seventh-day Adventist to serve as the Assisting pastor of the Brampton Seventh-day Adventist church where he currently remain with his wife Desiree whom he declares to be an invaluable asset to his ministry.

Pastor Kevin Donaldson is completely convinced and equally committed to the ministry to which he believes he is called. He continues to learn and develop in the hope of serving more effectively as he seek to make full proof of his ministry and full use of his calling.

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