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Brampton Seventh-day Adventist Church “There is Hope” evangelistic series commenced on June 3rd 2017 and ended on June 17th. We were once again inspired by the word through the powerful preaching of Evangelist Daron Hill, who blessed us a second time after his first series with the church two year ago. It was an uplifting two weeks and opportunity for the congregation to submit their lives to Jesus Christ, the Saviour.

The strength and power of prayer played a key role in the success of our 2017 evangelistic series, as one of our keys motives as followers of Christ is a strong focus on community outreach and inviting souls to give their lives to the Lord. We had active members that went in the community handing out flyers, appealing and ministering to them about God’s love. During our series, we had a substantial number of visitors within the church walls, which was a huge blessing knowing that the word was spreading out into the local region.

Each evening would start out with a quiz and a health nugget, reinforcing what was leaned the night before and giving pertinent knowledge to daily healthy living. The scene was then set as Pretha Radlein beautifully sang each night, bringing everyone’s heart in tune with her heavenly musical renditions. As Evangelist Daron Hill then took the pulpit each night, he allowed the Holy Spirit to take over, giving both passionate and thought-provoking messages each session that resonated with each soul present. The congregation was truly blessed; some diligently taking notes for further study and others responding to alter calls at the end of the sermons.

He continued to plead with people not to let this series pass them by before making a change in their lives. The congregation responded, with the total number of baptized reaching 25. Among the newly reborn, a family of 6 made the decision together to give their lives to the Lord. The kingdom of heaven was rejoicing: the joy of new 25 souls being brought into the heavenly fold is indescribable.

The “There is Hope” series may have ended, but the power of evangelism within our church and community still continues to resonate.

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